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History of Gaieties

When Ram’s Head Theatrical Society was founded in 1911, Gaieties was born with it. That year, the group produced the first rendition of the show, known then as the “Football Follies,” a performance to rally students for the Stanford-Cal rugby game. The name was soon changed to the current “Big Game Gaieties.” From the 1920s ‘til the mid-1950s, the show was a revue of unrelated songs and sketches, sometimes three or more hours in length! In 1968, a misunderstanding between producers and writers led to the show not being produced. Gaieties returned to Stanford in 1976 as a staple of Big Game Week. The 1970s introduced the now familiar plot and theme of “Beat Cal!” What you witness tonight is 105 years in the making: the alchemy of blood, sweat, tears, and above all else, laughter.

About Ram's Head

Founded in 1911, Ram's Head Theatrical Society is Stanford's oldest and largest theatrical organization. Each year the group provides acting, directing, designing, and play writing opportunities to over 120 students, and its productions are attended by more than 6,000 people annually. Annual productions include campus traditions such as Gaieties, the Original Winter One Acts, and a full scale Broadway musical. For more info about Ram's Head, visit our website.


ProducerRobin Yoo
DirectorCarter Burr-Kirven
Stage ManagerKerstin Heinrich
Production ManagerJamie Tippett
Technical DirectorAllen Wehner
Music DirectorDylan Hunn
Vocal DirectorBrenna McCulloch
Co-ChoreographerAshi Agrawal
Co-ChoreographerArjun Sheth
Set DesignerNora Kelly
Lighting DesignerAustin Critchlow
Sound DesignerSean Konz
Co-Costume DesignerCecilia Lang-Ree
Co-Costume DesignerIma Grullon
Graphic DesignerGarrick Fernandez
Associate ProducerJared Bitz
Assistant ProducerAlejandra Aguilar
Assistant ProducerIzzy Angus
Assistant ProducerKyle Denton
Assistant ProducerWill Kenney
Assistant ProducerPanos Vandris
Social ChairAlex Aguilar
Assistant Stage ManagerRebecca Cohen
Assistant Stage ManagerNiza Contreras
Assistant Stage ManagerKaitlyn Khayat
Master ElectricianStephen Hitchcock
Assistant Lighting DesignerWill Bradbury
Assistant Lighting DesignerJulia Gordon
Assistant Lighting DesignerJared Hysinger
Technical ConsultantScott Colby
Assistant Technical DirectorZaeda Blotner
Assistant Technical DirectorSam Duke
Assistant Technical DirectorTina Li
Assistant Sound DesignerChris Huntley
Assistant Set DesignerZaeda Blotner
Assistant Set DesignerChris Huntley
Assistant Costume DesignerArielle DeVito

FlutePapa Odita-Honnah
Clarinet/Alto SaxJulian Bava
TrumpetJohn D'Atri
PianoTrenton Chang
GuitarCheyenne Sadeghi
DrumsJosh Payne
ViolinAaron Levett
ViolaHannah Thompson
CelloEmily Huang
PianoBrian Chu

Quick Info

November 15, 16, 17 at 8PM
Memorial Auditorium, Stanford University
$10 Students, $15 Faculty/Staff, $20 General
Seating is unreserved.

Theme Nights & Special Offers

Wednesday = Frosh Night
Thursday = Arts Night
Friday = Upperclassmen/Greek Night

Group Ticket Sales - Buy as a group to get a discount - for every 10 tickets you buy, you get 1 free! Groups of 25 or more get guaranteed seating together. Additionally, for Frosh Night on Wednesday, the freshman dorm that has the highest percentage of the dorm in attendance gets priority seating in the house! Contact producer Robin Yoo to purchase group tickets!

Young Alumni - Are you a recent Stanford Alumni (’13–’17)? Come on Thursday during Arts Night for a special discount—Young Alumni tickets are $15 for Thursday night only!

KaraDani Lyle
IshaJianne Kang
RoyAdam Gurary
AstianMaceo Hastings Porro
ArthurDexter Simpson
PeanutRobin Fierberg
BarnabusDylan Cooper
OskiSam Weyen
Officer Frank / CliveMatt Bernstein
Officer Carl / CarlosCarlos Fresnillo
MTL / EnsembleJohnathan Bridges
Avril Lavigne / EnsembleSiena Streiber
Gen Eric / EnsembleElena Crespo
Reese / Jane StanfordJulianna Yonis
RA QuigleyZoë Sonnenberg
EnsembleBen Backus
EnsembleDiego Dew
EnsembleKaan Ertas
EnsembleFreya Forstall
EnsembleIsaac Goldstein
EnsembleKyle Robinson
EnsembleKyler Stanion
EnsembleVincent Xie
EnsembleVictoria Yang

DramaturgSpencer Slovic
Head WriterMegan Calfas
Composer/LyricistAnastasios Angelopolous
Composer/LyricistJoss Saltzman
Staff WriterMatt Bernstein
Staff WriterJunie Burns
Staff WriterWill Ferrer
Staff WriterChris Huntley
Staff WriterTara McCullough
Staff WriterSam Reamer
Staff WriterCameron Woods
Head of CABZoë Sonnenberg
CAB MemberAlex Aguilar
CAB MemberDylan Cooper
CAB MemberDarius Shi
CAB MemberDanielle Stagger
CAB MemberPeter Morgan
CAB MemberSiena Strieber