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History of Gaieties

When Ram’s Head Theatrical Society was founded in 1911, Gaieties was born with it. That year, the group produced the first rendition of the show, known then as the “Football Follies,” a performance to rally students for the Stanford-Cal rugby game. The name was soon changed to the current “Big Game Gaieties.” From the 1920s ‘til the mid-1950s, the show was a revue of unrelated songs and sketches, sometimes three or more hours in length! In 1968, a misunderstanding between producers and writers led to the show not being produced. Gaieties returned to Stanford in 1976 as a staple of Big Game Week. The 1970s introduced the now familiar plot and theme of “Beat Cal!” What you witness tonight is 109 years in the making: the alchemy of blood, sweat, tears, and above all else, laughter.

About Ram's Head

Founded in 1911, Ram's Head Theatrical Society is Stanford's oldest and largest theatrical organization. Each year the group provides acting, directing, designing, and play writing opportunities to over 120 students, and its productions are attended by more than 6,000 people annually. Annual productions include campus traditions such as Gaieties, the Winter Show (WiSh), and a full scale Broadway musical. For more info about Ram's Head, visit our website.


ProducerChloe Chow
DirectorJustine Sombilon
Composer/LyricistKatie Pieschala
Production ManagerKyler Stanion
Stage ManagerLiam Smith
Vocal DirectorKelsey Carido
Music DirectorSophie Opferman
ChoreographerKaitlin Harold
Video EditorPaulo Makalinao
Lighting DesignerIan Chang
Sound DesignerGeorge Hosono
Recording EngineerTrenton Chang
Co-Set DesignerTiger Zhou
Co-Set DesignerLiam Fay
Scenic AristHelen He
Scenic AristIsabelle Paylor
Scenic AristCathy Yang
Costume/Makeup DesignerJo Leuenberger
Co-Community ManagerGeorgia Limcaoco
Co-Community ManagerEmily Saletan
Assistant ProducerBailey Vought
Assistant ProducerRyan Yu
Assistant ProducerJonathan Arnold
Assistant DirectorEllen Abraham
Assistant Production ManagerDerin Kutlay
Assistant Stage ManagerGrace Miller
Assistant Stage ManagerKyla Figueroa
Assistant Video EditorAnastasia Sotiropoulos
Assistant Video EditorHaley Stafford
Assistant Community ManagerDrew Feinman
Ram's Head Leadership
Executive ProducerKaitlyn Khayat
Board MemberBenny Siam
Board MemberJess Fry
Board MemberKiki Hood
Board MemberMorgan Gwilym Tso
Board MemberTrenton Chang
Financial OfficerRebecca Cohen

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November 13, 14, and 15 at 7 PM | 14 and 15 @ 11AM PST$5 Students, $7 Faculty/Staff/Young Alum, $10 General, $20 Family/Household Pack.

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